HemelBesem – Kullid Celebration

‘Kullid Celebration’ is a song HemelBesem wrote and recorded a while ago and we had a new mix of the song done recently. It’s a feel-good Afrikaans Hiphop song that celebrates the good times and togetherness of friends and family in coloured culture.

We’ve decided to release the song for free so click the link below to download it!

HemelBesem – Kullid Celebration
Produced by Seth Grey & HemelBesem
Mixed by Dokte
Published by BLM Music (SAMRO)

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  1. Elgurnun Reply

    Kwai numbers but x suk dai song van “oz kap oz lyrics opi boonste level elke keer as oz ‘n goen moen tackle j is wys wie isi worcester stanard

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