HemelBesem – Hoe Salla (Official)

We are proud to announce that the official version of HemelBesem’s ‘Hoe Salla’ has been released as of 1 August 2012.

At the beginning of the year, an unmastered version of the song was heard on several radio stations and made its way virally via HemelBesem’s own self-promotion. The song found it’s way to Dokte, who did a new mix of the song after getting in touch with HemelBesem.

This new and official version of the song is now available on iTunes and several other online music stores like eMusic, AmazonMp3, CD Baby, Spotify and Bandcamp worldwide.

Check out the song on Bandcamp here: http://hemelbesem.bandcamp.com


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  1. denzil Reply

    is da n ane website wa n man die ane version van Hoe Salla kan download?

    • BLM Music Reply

      Die official version van ‘Hoe Salla’ is beskikbaar op iTunes, AmazonMp3, eMusic, Bandcamp en CD Baby.
      BLM Music.

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